Contributors & Volunteers

Contributors & Volunteers
Co-founder/Executive Director –  Michelle Barnes
PR/Marketing Consultant
Terry St. John
Marketing Consultants:  Michael Kahlil Taylor, Trevor Piper

Special Projects – Katy Kleinhans
Accountant- Abie Bankole

Community Artists’ Collective Community of Volunteers


Pieces of the Whole

Texas Contemporary Fine Arts Fair

William McElrath, John Foreman, Reginald Adams

Houston Fine Arts Fair
Gail Mebane, John Foreman, Michelle Barnes

Hearts, Hands, Heritage:  Art, Enterprise, Preservation 

Objects of Art & Craft:  Home for the Holidays

Nature in Profusion  

Houston Blues 
(Artifacts from the collections of Texas Johnny Brown, Big Walter “The Thunderbird” Price, Kinney
Abair, Tha Lady D and others)

Redefining Print

Figuratively Speaking

8th Annual Objects of Art & Craft


Yates High School
Michelle Barnes, Cletus Johnson

SHAPE Community Center
Leslie Abrams

Foster Elementary
Michelle Barnes

Academy of Accelerated Learning
Michelle Barnes

Adults/Jubilee Quilt Circle
Leslie Abrams, Marilou Harrell, Loreen Johnson, Mike Wicklander, Phyllis Simpson, Hastle Murray, Pat Chandler, Keri Bates, Sheila Bates, Lauren Austin, Michael Taylor, Michelle Barnes, Marsha Bennett, Stormy Rashida

ARTSummer 2015 & RoboCamp
Marilu Ellis, Michelle Barnes, Kameron White, Mrs. Riles, Gayle Waden, Walter Hull, John Guess, Winell Herron, Paula Ware, Felicia Jackson, Naomi Carrier


Emancipation Park Project
Theola Petteway, Anderson Stout, Sam Dinkins, Marsha Outlaw

Community Preservation (UHAR)
Omowale  Lithuli, Neffertitti Jackmon, Cleveland Gite, Ime Akpana

Community Preservation (5E Conf.)
Georgia Provost, Michon Benson, Michelle Barnes, Lawrence Payne, Jeffery Boney, Gary Monroe, et al

Community Preservation (ICOC)
Naomi Carrier, Ron Scales, Warren Nelson, Dana Nauls

Publications (Historic Highlights)
Yvette Scales, Emma Lou Jacobs, Harold Smith, Rosa Harris, Mary Ann Wilson, Dru Jefferson, Michelle Barnes

Community Preservation (Links)
Frances Young Brown, Marianne Y. Walker, Mildred Mullet, Michelle Barnes, Felicia Crowley-Rolfe, Eloise Pinkney

Community Event/Houston Fine Arts Fair
John Foreman, Elizabeth Montgomery Shelton, Ricardo Francis, Ann Johnson, Elle Shebay

Community Event/Texas Contemporary
John Foreman, Elizabeth Montgomery Shelton, Ann Johnson

Festival, Houston Quilt Festival
Leslie Abrams, Phyllis Simpson

Michael Vessels, Gary Plinario

2015 Luncheon Event
Lester Marks, Winell Herron, Beverly Harmon, Holly Charles, Mary Holt Ashley, Barry Barnes, Alton LaDay, Joy Sewing, Cliff Kinchen, Terry St. John, Janetha Richard, Elle Shebay, SarahTrotty, Marilu Ellis, DaMonica Pierson, Michon Benson, Carolyn Farb, LaTisha Breaux, Aleice Brooks, Dwayne Simpson, Liz Zivley, Valerie Cassel Oliver, Dwayne Simpson, Catherine Anspon, Merian Sherrod, Lee Carrier, Faye Chin, Brandi Wright, Michelle Barnes

Accounting Services
Abi Bankole, Kathy Ploch

Budget and Financial Planning
Elle Shebay

Marketing & PR Consultation 
Terry St. John

Marketing (Social Media)
Brandi Wright, Deniz Lopez, Terry St. John

Marketing (Graphics) and Special Projects
Janetha Richard

UH/Bauer College of Business/Business and ESCH
Bernarda Reyes, Youhanza Khan, Stephanie Villarreal, Bill Knighton

Feedback Focus Groups
Clifford Ann Kinchen