Pieces of the Whole

postcard for Pieces of the whole

Artists Aesha Lee, Gail E. Mebane, Marsha Outlaw, Daniel Daigle,
Rose Sprott Swain, Shannon Duckworth, Eddie Hall and Ava Cosey
will interpret the values, traditions, history and visions
of their cultural community for the exhibition, which continues through October 4.

Contributors & Volunteers:

Graphics–Daniel Daigle
Coordination–Michelle Barnes
Preparation and gallery assistance–John Foreman
Artists–Ava Cosey, Daniel Daigle, Marsha Dorsey-Outlaw, Shannon Duckworth, Eddie Hall, Ayesha Lee, Gail Mebane, Rose Sprott Swain
Entertainment–EM D (DJ)
Gallery assistance–Chris Pinckney
Security–Tommy Chapman