“Figuratively Speaking”

“Figuratively Speaking,” a group exhibition showcasing people and the human figure, opens September 9 at the Community Artists’ Collective. The opening reception will be held Friday, September 18, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Participating artists are Melissa Aytenfisu, Dominic Clay, Ricardo Francis, John Foreman, Leonard Freeman, Aesha Lee, Kirk McMillan, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jasmine Rose, Ron Smith and Brandi Wright.

The exhibit runs through Saturday, October 31.

Contributors & Volunteers:

Artists–Melissa Aytenfisu, Dominic Clay, John Foreman, Ricardo Osmondo Francis, Leonard Freeman, Aesha Lee, Kirk McMillan, Elizabeth Montgomery Shelton, Jasmine Rose, Ron Smith, Brandi Wright
Exhibition/Security–Tommy Chapman, Margaret Chapman
Exhibition Gallery Assistance–Brandi Wright, Angel Brooks
Exhibition Coordination–Michelle Barnes